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Student Spotlight: Donovan Barnes

​My name is Donovan Barnes, and I have written this letter on behalf of the Washington Literacy Center, a place that has helped to shape me into the person I am today. Now, I can simply go off on a tangent and share a “rise above” story, but I would rather tell you about myself and the opportunities that have presented itself over a time period of a year.

Unlike our typical students, I came to the center with a high school diploma, and previous college experience, studying psychology. As you are reading this, you might ask me why did I choose to come here? What did I gain from the Washington Literacy Center? I would say that I gained a vast amount of connections and experience that has been cultivating and motivating me to do better with myself.

I was stuck in a cycle that limited me and my aspirations. I desperately wanted more out of my life. It became a point where I questioned the validity and importance of my place in life. I was not utilizing all of the knowledge I learned in a workplace setting. With the world at the forefront and my dreams on the back burner, coming to the Washington Literacy Center was my “last resort”. The WLC Instructors have been steadfast in placing my talents in front of people that can help put me on a successful career path. This is my story; there are many in addition to mine that “sing the same tune,” the tune of success. Without your support, I and countless of others would most likely not be in the same situation.

Thank you for all of your support helping people just like me. Please keep the momentum, I ask you to donate, volunteer, and spread the word about the Washington Literacy Center.

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