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Mike Shields and Katie Walsh

Earlier this year, the Washington Literacy Center received a call from supporter Mike Shields that he recently proposed to his girlfriend Katie Walsh. Mike shared that in lieu of wedding gifts, the happy couple is asking their friends and family to make a donation to support theWashington Literacy Center. Mike first discovered the WLC at one of our fundraisers, and has stayed connected with WLC. Mike and Katie are well known in DC circles and nationally. Mike Shields, a long-time Washington political strategist, is co-founder and partner at Convergence Media, a political commentator on CNN and has been a guest on several national news programs. Mike first discovered WLC during his time as the Chief of Staff at the Republic National Committee (RNC). Katie Walsh is a long-time politico, and has worked on the Presidential campaign of John McCain, served as the Chief of Staff at the RNC, worked in the White House, and now leads a nonprofit political group. “We want people to know about the important work at the Washington Literacy Center,” said Mike Shields. “What greater way to increase awareness for adult literacy than asking our guests to make a gift that will change a life,” added Katie. Mike and Katie are getting married on September 23, 2017. Donations in honor of their wedding can be made to the Washington Literacy Center and should reference Mike and Katie’s Wedding.

We are honored to have the generous and thoughtful support of Mike and Katie, and congratulate on their upcoming wedding!

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