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2017 Spring Appeal

"I am afraid of losing my job; I tired of hiding my secret; I have been taken advantage of so many times; I am embarrassed every day; I am tried of living with this sense of shame. I want to be independent."

Adults walk through our doors with one goal: independence. Although reasons may differ, our adult learners want better jobs, an education, the ability to read to their children, and freedom from the burden and shame of not being able to read. We teach people to read. We teach math and workforce skills. We help our students get jobs, get better jobs or continue their education.

Every graduation from WLC is a victory. You can see it in the eyes of every student

and their family when our graduates read their stories. We are asking your help.

More than 70 percent of our funding comes from donors like you, and your

contributions make a difference. $72.00 supports WLC for one hour, $480.00

provides transportation for 12 students for one month, and $4,900 sponsors a

student for one semester. You can make a difference. Become a recurring donor by

making a contribution and read more about our students on our website. Give and

make a difference.

If you make a contribution of more than $1,000 before April 15, you will become an automatic sponsor of our "Spotlight on Literacy" Graduation and Celebration on June 22 and be recognized on our updated website.

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