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Why Do We Frequently Ask for Donations?

The cost of adult education is expensive, and the funds that we receive from State and Federal resources do not cover even half of the costs necessary to provide the quality education, resources and services to operate.

On average, we receive about $2,233.00 per student from the government, but the cost of attendance is approximately $8,400.00 per student. WLC has to cover the remaining amount through grants and contributions totaling about $6,000 per student, or roughly an additional $40,000 per month to operate. When those costs are not met, it creates a cash gap that makes it difficult to delivery quality services. The reason that we are

actively reaching out for contributions, applying for grants and seeking new corporate and private donations is to avoid cash gaps.

We are asking you to make a contribution now to support our June 22nd Spotlight on Literacy Graduation and Fundraiser and to come out to the event. We are asking you to help by sharing our story to bring in new donors and help us have a reach our goal.

To make a contribution, share contacts or support our event, please make a donation at XXXX or email You can also call his at (202) 387-9029.

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