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Do More 24

We are getting ready for Do More 24.

Do More is an annual 24-hour fundraiser that is powered by United Way of the National Capital Area. Last year, WLC raised $500 with our campaign. Those funds allowed us to purchase student materials for a ten month literacy course for 10 students.

This year we have even bigger plans! Our goal is to raise $2,400! Let's see what a difference a year can make!! We've even set a special hour goal. We want to raise $500 during the 11-12pm hour.

Our most crucial needs include: new computers for our computer lab, a database structure to facilitate our daily operations and deliver crucial insights into our program, a new phone system, books and materials for our new library and smartboards for all of our classrooms.

On June 8th, please donate to WLC using this link:

We're getting ready. We just need your help to spread the word. Please tell your friends and family why you believe in our work at the Washington Literacy Center. WE CHANGE LIVES!

Mark your calendar for June 8th!

Thank you for helping us Do More for our community.

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