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Jan. 6 | Bernard Jankowski - Music in the Halls at Politics and Prose Conn. Ave Store

Our Author Series partnership with Politics & Prose Bookstores continues in 2024 on January 6, 2024 at 3:00pm at their Conn. Ave. store. Join us for a discussion with Bernard Jankowski — Music in the Halls: The Heart and Heartbreak of Teaching at a High Poverty School in Washington, DC - with Grace Cavalierei

Through vignettes, essays, snapshots, portraits, and poems, Music in the Halls reveals the inner workings of a high-poverty District of Columbia Public School. In it, Jankowski brings to light the visceral and emotional nature of childhood poverty and trauma and how it not only impacts a student's ability to learn but also how it restricts their ability to live a full life. Uncovering the interwoven worlds of children and their parents, teachers and administrators, and the DCPS bureaucracy-- all residing in close proximity to the nation's capital-- Music in the Halls is not simply a tale of hard knocks; it is an exploration of how one man's understanding and compassion can be transformed and expanded to encompass and embrace this world.


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