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A Tribute to Philip C. Mosley, former WLC Director of Finance and Human Resources

We often spend so much time with our work colleagues during our work week that we become like family. I am deeply saddened to share that Philip C. Mosley, former Director of Finance and Human Resources at the Washington Literacy Center, passed on Friday, May 26th. Philip worked for WLC for three wonderful years until he could no longer work due to illness. For many of us, Philip was like family.

Philip came to WLC during a period of significant transition and worked closely with the team, board, finance, and legal consultants to strengthen our operations. He worked diligently to develop policies and recommendations to sustain WLCs through a growth and development period that eventually led to our move to a bigger and more modern relocation. Many staff viewed Philip as the cheerful trusted advisor and advocate known for his roll up the sleeve and light-hearted approach to solving complicated problems while keeping the organization running. It was not unusual to find a line of employees and, at times, students outside Philip’s door and hear Philip say, “Let’s find out,” which meant he was committed to finding solutions. Our leadership depended on Philip to help WLC navigate through COVID and to ensure that our teachers, learners, and staff had the resources needed during a very challenging period.

“Philip was a great friend and colleague, and I learned so much about finance from working with him... with Phil, every challenge presented an exciting new possibility. He always saw the bright side,” said development and finance manager, Ryan Knight, who convinced Philip to work for WLC. Philip cared about people, and he cared about WLC, and he brought a sense of calm and direction during a period of rapid change, said Jimmie Williams, President and CEO. “I enjoyed working with Philip and his levelheaded approach and vision,” said Delese Harvey, Board Chair.

Philip continued to work at WLC until his health challenges became insurmountable. He worked despite a battle with cancer and other serious health ailments but continued to stay in touch with his colleagues, who he knew cared so much about his well-being.

Whenever we look around WLC, we see the fruits of Philip’s dedication and hard work. However, most of all will remember his gentle but firm guidance, laughter, smile, and a strong desire to help WLC staff and learners navigate challenges. We are all hurting by Philip’s loss, but empowered by the paths he made for WLC. Our condolences to his family and friends, may you find comfort in love and memories.


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