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2020 Marion S. Barry SYEP Pre-Apprenticeship and Training Program

The Washington Literacy Center will serve 100 youth ages 18-24 virtually through the 2020 Marion S. Barry SYEP Pre-Apprenticeship and Training Program. This key initiative is sponsored and fully supported by the DC Department of Employment Services. Courses occur over 6 weeks and students are actively engaged in one of two career pathways: Pathway 1: Hospitality and Tourism and Pathway 2: Construction and Infrastructure. Students learn valuable 21st century skills and obtain industry knowledge where they are able to apply these requisite skills in fields that are high demand and high wage. Through guided readings, simulations, and active group activities students will plan their career path.

The Leadership Team:

Jimmie Williams - Program Director

Mr. Williams joined the Washington Literacy Center in 2016 as Executive Director, after a distinguished career in external affairs and brand management for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as McDonald’s, Freddie Mac and Bank of America. He brings a seasoned business acumen with particular strengths in strategic communications, revenue growth and operational efficiency. An ardent believer in collaboration and engagement, he has achieved success in convening and leading high-performing teams that have included federal and state agencies, trade associations, and community groups.

Dr. Tony D. Johnson - Program Administrator

Dr. Johnson serves as Provost, Chief Academic Officer and Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives for a D.C. based private university. Dr. Johnson holds a BS in Political Science & Criminal Justice, a MS in Public Administration and an EdD in Education. In previous roles he has served as a Dean, Associate Dean, Alternative High School Principal, Coordinator, and teacher.

The Department of Academic Engagement and Student Success:

Dr. Jennifer L. Jackson - Director

Dr. Jackson has led a stellar career in the field of student success, advocacy, and services. Dr. Jackson holds a B.S. in Political Science, M.S. in Higher Education and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. She has served in the roles of Director of Academic Advising, Student Success Manager, and Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator.

Jonita M. Watson - Associate Director

Ms. Watson is career student success advocate. Ms. Watson holds a MS in Counseling & Psychology and a BS in Criminology & Sociology. Ms. Watson has served as a Resource Officer, College Faculty member, Student Success Manager, Counselor Coordinator, Program Coordinator and Community Based Services Manager.

The Construction and Infrastructure Academy:

Julius Martin - Academy Instructor

Mr. Martin has led a positive career in the areas of student success, maintenance, and services. Mr. Martin holds a BS in Management and a M.A. in Communications. Mr. Martin currently serves as an Assistant Director for Student Success at a local university. In previous roles Mr. Martin has served as an Associate Director of Admissions, Assistant Director for Admissions and Senior Admissions Advisor. He has worked in the fields of construction, maintenance, and woodwork.

Leonard Howard - Academy Instructor

Mr. Howard is leader and a native Washingtonian. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration and an International Business Certificate, He has rich experiences in the areas of teaching hospitality, tourism, and entrepreneurship. In previous roles he has served as CEO of a training company, Assistant Branch Manager, and Chief of Staff for the DC City Council.

Necandra Thompson - Academy Instructor

Ms. Thompson is an accomplished and seasoned educator who has taught STEM education to a number of students in D.C. and Prince George’s County Schools. Ms. Thompson holds a B.S. in Marketing and a M.S. in Education. Ms. Thompson is active in business education associations, and is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certified in MSWord, One Note, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, IC3

Pharish Slaughter - Academy Instructor

Mr. Slaughter has a distinguished record as a teacher. He holds a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Teaching. Mr. Slaughter has experience in the areas of teaching mathematics, English, customer service and sales. He has won awards for instructional strategies that he uses with his students. These awards include: Teacher of the Year 2018-19, Highest Student Growth Percentages, Teacher of the Month (for school and TFA), Teacher of the week, Agent of Change Award, Alumni Induction Award, and Teaching Fellow Award.

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