The Washington Literacy Center is now conducting hybrid classes (in-person and virtually).
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TANF/TEP Customers

Thank you for being a part of the Washington Literacy Center (WLC) TEP community. Our goal at WLC is to offer each customer support in navigating the TANF Education and Occupational Training (EOT) program in the District of Columbia. We will provide each customer the tools necessary to accomplish their educational, vocational, and occupational goals.

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We Are Now Conducting Hybrid Classes(In-Person and Virtually)
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Use these resources, tips, and platforms to help you during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Enroll in the Jumpstart to Success program today. You will receive a laptop computer for the duration of the program and you might be eligible for free internet service. Once you have successfully completed the program (including assessments), you will be able to keep the laptop free of charge!*


Contact Donovan Barnes at donovan.barnes@washlit.org to register for JumpStart and make an appointment to pick up your laptop. 


If you are not in any current programming, we strongly encourage you to participate in the Jumpstart to Success program.


If you have any questions about the Jumpstart to Success program or the laptop program, please contact Donovan Barnes. 


*If you do not complete the program, payment for the laptop will be charged to your Discretionary Work Funds Account. Laptops cannot be returned.

To apply click here.


The Washington Literacy Center Office is closed.


Contact us by calling (202) 984-0000


Email your Case Manager:

Brenda Kappler: brenda.kappler@washlit.org

Brittany Battle: brittany.battle@washlit.org

Amy Challe: amy.challe@washlit.org

Contact Program Manager Tamela Williams at (202) 984-0000 or

tamela.williams@washlit.org  with any questions, comments or concerns.

Available Hours: Monday - Friday(9am - 5 pm)


Effective March 23rd, the Washington Literacy Center will not be accepting documents in-person. Please use the links below to complete your timesheet and other important documentation. Timesheets should be submitted through SeamlessDocs each Friday by 5 PM.  Please email your Case Manager if a PDF/Word version of the documents is needed.

Weekly Time Attendance

Volunteer Service Agreement

Non Traditional Employment Earnings Form

DC Work Experience

Verification of Activity


GEN 2 Activity Log 


WLC will conduct orientations online or over the phone while Stay at Home orders are in place. Please complete the intake form below.  Our Outreach Coordinator will get in touch with you and schedule a time for orientation.

Intake Form

Orientation Presentation


All Washington Literacy Center TANF Employment & Education Program (TEP) customers have access to Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a free and secure interactive learning platform. It provides a safe way for us to connect, engage, and share important Information, documents, and updates as your TANF (TEP) provider. Google Classroom will provide access to online information that includes: resources, programs, 2 Gen activities, events webinars, tutorials, assessments, online training & workshops, educational tools, and all things TANF (TEP) related.


Google Classroom is accessible online and through any mobile device with internet capabilities. You will receive an invitation to join Google Classroom by email from your assigned case manager.


The following is a list of educational and vocational assessments that will aid you in measuring and discovering your interests, skill set, values, goals, and strengths.

Northstar Digital Literacy


Career Smart Skills Audit

Myers & Briggs Personality Test

My Next Step: Career Test

Career Key: Hollands Six

Enneagram Personality Test

Tamela Williams
Tamela Williams
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Brenda Kappler
Brenda Kappler
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Ann Challe
Ann Challe
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Brittany Battle
Brittany Battle
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Brittany Battle

Case Manager


Tamela Williams

Program Manager


Brenda Kappler

Lead Case Manager


Amy Challe

Case Manager


Ann Hawkins

Quality Control

Processing Specialist


Donovan Barnes

Education and Occupational Training Navigator (EOT)


Ann Hawkins
Ann Hawkins
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Donovan Barnes
Donovan Barnes
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The Washington Literacy Center relies on the support of our community. Make a donation today to help make reading a reality.


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