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Washington Literacy Center Welcomes Fulbright Scholars

On April 13th, the Washington Literacy Center hosted almost 40 Fulbright scholars from the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia who are visiting scholars at U.S. universities, earning advanced degrees in fields ranging from linguistics to forest science. They converged on Washington, D.C., last week for a series of seminars on education, skills gaps, and workforce development.

WLC was chosen for their site visit to an exemplary adult education program. Our instructors provided mini-courses to illustrate the concept of brain-based literacy using multi-sensory and multiple intelligences like the Color Vowel Approach, Vowel Yoga, integrated math and science problem solving, and an overview of electives including digital, culinary, workforce and health literacy. Many thanks to IIE and the State Department for organizing the visit, and to our incredible instructors and staff who made the visit a huge success: Tesa Leon, Dr. Gina Rupert, Dr. Rustin Lewis, Dr. Robin Barr, Donovan Barnes, Amy Fingerhut, Ben Gerrard, Tom Hay, Karen Taylor, Katina Bryant, Philip Mosely, and our students Donna Snowden and Anne Clayton.

(photo credit: Brigette White/

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