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WLC Progress

We are pleased with the progress that we have made over the last year. We continue to grow and work on improvement, and over the last twelve months we have:

  • Launched pilot classes that include culinary literacy, and an innovative partnership with the Washington English Center that focuses on literacy for non-native speakers, who are fluent in English.

  • Increased outside integrated learning and career opportunities,

  • Added the CEO of The Great Courses as a new board member and will partner to bring resources that benefit our students.

  • Partner with researchers to find innovative approaches and tools that advance students in reading, math, and other skills to help them advance.

  • Established a strategic relationships that make it easier to prepare and transition students for continued education and workforce training opportunities.

  • Participated in the recent Board Match event in Washington, DC, to add new board members that will strengthen our board and operations.

  • In conjunction with Georgetown University graduate school, surveyed our supporters, volunteers and instructors and incorporated the responses into our strategic action plan.

Our goal is to continue to increase our outreach, increase the number of volunteers,

expand and strengthen our board, and to increase the number of corporate and

individual donors. We welcome your input. Support Spotlight on Literacy!

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