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Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for volunteers, and currently need volunteer reading and math tutors, administrative volunteers who can contribute by answer phones, making fundraising calls, and supporting special events. We are still looking for a volunteer coordinate who will be response for volunteer outreach and coordination.

If you would like to sponsor your own event in your home or business for WLC, please call Tom Hay at (202) 387-9029 or email at

Thank you to our long-time supporters who have stuck with us for many years through the best and most difficult times. We also appreciate our new supporters who make a difference and help build capacity for the future.

A special thank you for your recent support to:

  • Center for Audit Quality

  • Pittman Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois

  • Helen Dalton

  • George Washington University Adelphi Society

  • Our instructors and volunteers

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