Washington Literacy Center Forms Advisory Committee

This week the Washington Literacy Center Advisory Center held its first meeting. Participants will assist WLC by building awareness and relevancy of WLC; help strengthen infrastructure, assist with building and strengthening partnerships, and help build capacity and support for WLC objectives, and advising the board and executive director.

Committee members include, committee chair,Tina Fletcher, Fletcher Educational Solutions; Karen L. Williams, SBOE Ward 7; Markus Batchler, SBOE Ward 8; Ashley Carter, SBOE At-Large; Ajan Brown, Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys; Naomi Shelton, United Negro College Fund; Travis Nemhard, Administrative Law Judge; Wendell Felder, Traveling Chief of Staff to the City Administrator; Laisha Daughtery, Office of Councilman Kenyan McDuffie; and Tierra Jolly.

Committee members toured the Washington Literacy Center with Executive Director, Jimmie Williams and Board President, Peggy Sulvetta. The committee also shared ideas to raise funds, increase awareness and other ideas to help support the Washington Literacy Center and students in DC.

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