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As the public health emergency surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop, please be assured that the Washington Literacy Center will continue to monitor the situation closely and act in the best interests of our students and community.

As of March 13, we have suspended all in-person instruction until the DC Government recommends that it is safe to resume. However, we are developing a distance learning platform to ensure minimum impact on our critical adult education and work readiness services.


We know that this crisis has already begun to affect our students who will be hit hardest. As a result, it is particularly crucial that we offer online tools and resources that:

  • Address educational needs through distance learning

  • Navigate critical issues related to the crisis

  • Help maintain the health and safety of themselves and their families

  • Emerge from this crisis prepared to continue their education and compete for living wage jobs

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Use these resources, tips, and platforms to help you during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

The Washington Literacy Center relies on the support of our community. Make a donation today to help make reading a reality.


The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.

- Stan Gudder

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