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JumpStart 2 Success

(202) 984-0000

Jemahl has over fifteen years of experience in developing and providing career training to at-risk youth and economic disadvantaged adults in low-income communities. He is knowledgeable about workforce policy, legislation, and regulations. Jemahl has joined the WLC team with previous experiences working with Job Corps, Career Technical Institute, and has managed or directed programs at various community-based organizations throughout the metropolitan area.

Additionally, he has served in other capacities as a consultant in supporting initiatives and projects related to family self-sufficiency, housing, re-entry services, fatherhood and healthy marriages and family initiatives. Mr. Nixon is able to motivate and cultivate key relationships along with building cohesion across diverse populations. He is skilled at developing, coordinating, and facilitating trainings, webinars, and workshops for all types of organizations, post-secondary educational institutions, and alternative educational programs.

As a native Washingtonian, Jemahl loves to re-engage with customers previously served and their growth because of his impact within their lives.

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