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Digital Foundations

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George holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Bowie State University. He has over 20 years of teaching, training, and tutoring experience and has taught people of all ages from Kindergarteners to Senior citizens with various ability levels. He has taught computer skills including computer fundamentals, Microsoft Office applications, and Internet skills. His extensive teaching career has provided him with experience in active and attentive listening, needs assessment, motivating people, disseminating information to various audiences, and working with individuals or in group settings.

In addition to teaching computer skills, Mr. Ellis has over 10 years of experience managing computer labs and troubleshooting computer issues. He has experience installing and maintaining PC and Macintosh hardware and software and teaching users to troubleshoot minor computer problems.

Mr. Ellis currently serves as a Digital Literacy Instructor. In this role, Mr. Ellis teaches computer fundamentals, Internet search and safety skills, Email usage and Microsoft Office products to adults in a literacy program.

Mr. Ellis’s teaching experience has allowed him to work with people of various age ranges and ability levels which has taught him to break information down to its lowest denominator or to communicate information in more technical terms to best meet people’s needs. Teaching has also trained Mr. Ellis to listen to people, assess their needs, suggest possible solutions and assist them in determining the solution that works best for them.

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