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Volunteer Coordinator

(202) 984-0008

Ben is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Washington Literacy Center, He is responsible for cultivating volunteer relationships and is the first line of contact for people interested in volunteering at WLC.

Ben holds Masters’ degrees in both Social Work and Adult Education from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has ten years of work experience in Alcohol and Drug Prevention. After moving to Washington, DC, in 2005, he began a 10-year career as the Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations and Grant Writer for St. Coletta of Greater Washington, a non-profit school serving children with developmental disabilities. After voluntarily leaving his position with St. Coletta of Greater Washington to pursue a second career, Ben began volunteering at the Washington Literacy Center in March 2017 and, in August 2017, began as the WLC Volunteer Coordinator, which he finds enjoyable and fulfilling.

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