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Free Books Teach a Love of Reading

Joshua Clark is happy as he sits down to read a book to his son, Mason. But Clark remembers not always being happy about reading.

"I remember my mom almost forcing me to read books doing those summer reports right before you got back to school, and it was tough."

Reading became like work to him. He decided that when he had his own child, he would make sure reading was an enjoyable experience.

"When you can present things in a joyous way and not that it be a task, you're more willing to do it, and I wanted to provide that for my son."

Today, Clark and his son live in Washington, D.C. The young father has been able to ready many great stories to 3-year-old Mason, thanks to a local program called Books from Birth.

A book in every home

Through Books from Birth, Clark and others who take part receive one high-quality book each month in the mail. The program is open to D.C. residents with a child under the age of five.

Books from Birth began three years ago. Clark joined the program before Mason was even born. Clark knew the program would help him feel closer to his son as well as help his son learn.

"I knew I could use this tool to not only bond with my son, but also give him skills that he would need in everyday daily life."

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